Rhonda Hodges’ Ministries is an outreach ministry designed to empower this generation of women, who, in turn will empower women. Our goal is to encourage the masses in our local communities, churches and schools and to generate effective outcomes with marriage seminars, conferences, youth and women's groups. Rhonda’s desire for Christ is an onward, outward and upward journey. She recognizes the importance of pushing all women to the greater on the inside, with a mandate to see as many women walk in the purpose for which God has called them and a deep passion, coupled with strong desire to empower women to stay focused in every season of their lives

Rhonda Hodges’ Ministries envisions a world where women begin to see themselves through the eyes of God helping them to become bold and fierce leaders in their society and communities. Focusing on teaching and training them how to adapt as well as succeed in life's challenges/ struggles by incorporating the Word of God. Her vision then becomes reality when women are living their lives at their fullest potential.