Empowered Women
Excellence Marriage


Our mission and purpose is to inspire and encourage women of all ages, races, overcome life's struggles and challenges. Focusing on the importance of higher education, and implementing lifestyle skills by leading by example.

This Empowered woman is not fearful of seeking out opportunities for advancement. She knows her God-given purpose in life. She is Fierce, bold and understands that Failure is not an option and True Success is perseverance after falling.

The goal is to impart life-changing strategies that last forever. Together with Rhonda Hodges Ministries, the Empowered Woman will engage in service and Embrace her Kingdom Call.



The purpose of this ministry is to establish a basis for the important concepts and roles of marriage, to utilize the Bible as the foundation for the union as well as other biblical resources to discipline and transition marriage into God’s image. When God created male and female in his image what was he really doing and why; what is this bond or union of marriage? Why is it so important?

In the Garden of Eden our God created a perfect world for man and woman to join together, multiply and create the family he so desired. The union of marriage is a covenant, not only between man and woman but also with God.

When you break the union you also break the covenant with God. It is essentially important to realize the depth of our decisions and the benefits of following God’s plans and instructions concerning marriage.

Fulfilling marriages don’t just happen. They take work and are built on principles essential to the development of any warm and loving relationship. Good marriages require both husband and wife working together to understand, appreciate and honor one another.

From our Hearts to yours,

Monte & Rhonda Hodges