L O V E.   T E A C H.   G U I D E.



Beloved is an Outreach Mentoring program for young girls and women dedicated to transforming their lives. Our heart's mission is to build character, self-esteem and prepare each of them for the journey of life.

This is an extension of Rhonda Hodges' Ministries but more in depth. BeLoved will provide one on one mentorship and mentor groups to help young girls and women reach their full potential in order to succeed in life. This program will also help them be able to adapt to the challenges and struggles that are encountered along the way.

We offer programs that will be uniquely geared to love them unconditionally, teach them so they will have wisdom, knowledge and a better understanding of how to achieve their goals, while cultivating a new mindset and guide them toward the path that is fulfilling to live their BEST life.

Due To The Pandemic COVID -19 BeLoved will only have Virtual Meetings until further notice. Thank you for your understanding of this serious matter as all of us adapt to the changes that are required of us.